OBs Elizabeth (obselizabeth) wrote in darkfetishes,
OBs Elizabeth


new to the community.
there are a couple of you here who are 'more than familiar' with me and my odd collection of desires.

IRL, i'm married....happily married...but he's also lost his sex drive. perfect husband, except....so i find live journal, and a way to 'safely' express my deep, dark fetishes.

onto the fun part.....i'm definitely submissive. but wanting of a more 'loving' relationship. i want to be dominated, HURT even, but by a loving 'father figure'. i want the naughty. the chatting where you force my 'young' body to take the pain of your torture....driving me to NEED your touch...your pain. nothing's 'too much' beyond the realm of imagination.

just remember, it's only fantasy. i'm not a supporter of actually interacting this way with a child.

if you're interested, come check me out on any im - obselizabeth.....
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