Die-Kitty (soadfreak718) wrote in darkfetishes,

It's been awhile.

Well I haven't posted in a long time. Kinda forgot about this community. I have a poem for those who come to read. I do hope you like. Ta ta.       
                                         Domination of Weakness


I sigh at the thought of my images

How much pain can you take?

You lay there with a tease

Begging for a touch, but then you disagree


I bite down on your fingers

As you touch what cannot be controlled

You continue to go on with your game

I summit and begin to fold.


Feed on my fantasies.

Loving every feeling.

You’re amazed

You are barely believing


Master I am

Slave you are.

My commands you must obey

No matter how bizarre



Do you beg for more?

Are you enjoying it all?

Are you my love whore?


Exploring your body with

Nothing more then an oral vision

Hitting the spot

With exact precision


Dreams become reality

As you look into my eyes

And you see a whole new

Twisted side of me


You moan and twitch

I give it one final kiss.

With one last scream,

Our love can now be seen.


November 3rd, 2004

© Diego C. Gonzalez

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