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Well I'm new.. love this community and am so glad it's active.
I have some dark fetishes.. have since I was small, actually. I embrace them, though I keep them to myself, mostly. You'd probably never guess of my love of darker things by looking at me (Well, aside from the black hair and eyeliner, possibly).
Lots of repressed badness in my head, mostly centering around rape, and humiliation, and corrupted innocence. Nothing too terribly original, but so hot..
Fear arouses me terribly. Always has. Even little stupid things like going to get something out of the car at night, in the dark, I get all flushed and excited, and in like "imagine I'm in a horror movie"-mode, hah. Like something could come and get me..and my hands get all shakey trying to fit the key in and I feel so vunerable and turned on..
Lol, embarrassing. XD
Crying turns me on a LOT, also. The whole feeling helpless thing, I guess..

Standard fantasies of mine are'nt all that creative, I guess.. being kidnapped and chained up in a dark, damp dungeon, with other slaves, having to watch all the things being done to them and know that I am next. Crying and screaming a lot, someones hands around my throat, being made to repeat humiliating things through my sobs or I'll be choked. And then.. the forced oral.. *Ahem*.
All in good fantasy, you know..

Randomly, my favourite masturbation material is "The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty". ;-)
Such a great book, it was the first "bdsm-ish" thing I ever read, at the time I did'nt really know the thoughts I had were so common, so it's sentimental to a degree.
I cut as part of self-pleasure, not every time, but most times.. I tie myself up usually, or at least gag myself (Kind of have a thing for being gagged). I kinda have to feel myself restrained to really get off.
I would call myself a masochist. Not crazy-hardcore, but there is no lying anymore about the fact that pain turns me on and hightens my orgasm tremendeously.

Ah ok that's so much more then you wanted to know about me. :-p
*goes back to lurking happily*..
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