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this morning on the radio i heard this girl, about 22 yrs old, talking the dj about trying to find a new boyfriend who would cut of her foot so she could experience another extreme orgasm. her last boyfriend, after they had sex, was persuaded into cutting off her right pinkie toe because she just wasnt completely satisfied and had always had dreams since she was a little girl that she had lost one of her limbs. her byfriend cut off her toe, and the intense pain she experienced helped her reach her ultimate climax that simple sex could never achieve, then he left cuz he was creeped out. so she was on the air looking for a boyfriend who is willing to cut off her foot, no drugs or anything, and some way to stop the bleeding. she eventually wants to work her way up to cutting off her leg, and hopes her urges will be satisfied permanently after doing so, and if not is willing to cut off a few fingers. people who called in to talk to her about it were disgusted or freaked out and trying to talk her out of it, but all i could think was 'wow, i wish i was you'. i love pain, but im still at a lower level of pain, the kind from a sharpened blade against my skin, slicing over and over until a pool of blood forms, but not deep enough for stitches. and i cant hide them very easily so i am forced to stop and wait now for someone dominating and willing to hurt me, maybe beat me herself. but i must say i applaud this woman's courage to reach out for assistance over the radio, where so many opinionated people open their mouths. i wish i could be a part of her 'experiences', just to discover a new part of myself i dont yet know...
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