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Hello again

Well then I got a comment from someone on this community and I just tought I would share another poem with those who visit this community. Though I must say this is one lonly community. Anyways enjoy.

P.S. Sorry about the shitty html coding.

                           Sickly Enjoyable




Cold hands pressed upon your neck.

Imagine the pain that I could inflict.

The moment you stared into my eyes,

Is the moment that I decided you must DIE!


Slowly and deeply I enter your soul.

My passion and love cannot be controlled.

You beg and you scream.

You wake up, but I'm nowhere to be seen.


You heart is really beating

You find yourself to be bleeding

You know I’m the one you’re needing

I can see your enjoyment, which you are concealing


You lay back down in your cold sweat.

And you fall asleep with no regret.

You feel my lips kissing your chest

But you don’t wake up for you feel this is best.


Struggling in your sleep.

You feel it’s too much pleasure.

You find yourself gasping for air.

You know there’s no one better.


You start to scream again,

But you are not waking.

These screams are not of fear,

But of our overwhelmed lovemaking


I push, you bleed.

I slow it down,

But you push me to

A higher speed


You dig your nails

Into my skin.

Is this innocence or

Just a wonderful sin.

You finally awake

With nothing on, but a smile.

Your wonderful bliss lasted for hours,

But it only seemed like a little while.


You are weak,

But its finally day.

And you can’t wait until the next night

When I come back to play


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